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8 June 2017, 11am - 4pm

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The Summer Graduate Fair is organised by Prospects Events, the UK’s leading event and exhibition organisers in the employment, careers and skills sectors. The fair attracts top employers and graduates and offers inspirational seminars and industry insight talks.

Prospects Events are the dedicated events division of Prospects, a dynamic and enterprising organisation, providing a wide range of education, employment and skills services in the UK and internationally.

We are pleased to be working with a variety of exhibitors for the Summer Graduate Fair across a range of sectors. We have asked Raleigh International to share a success story with us below. Raleigh International are a sustainable development charity who harness the passion and energy of young people to effect positive change in sustainable development, working with young people.

Exhibitor Case Study: Raleigh International


Nepal Earthquake – One Year Anniversary



I am a very recent graduate of Exeter University, having studied Ancient History and Archaeology at degree level, and then going on to do my masters in International Relations.


After having completed my Masters in International Relations, I saw that I could not just enter a career and earn money for myself. There are deep seated problems in the world that every individual should be working towards tackling at some point in their life. For me, I was aware of the devastating impacts of the Earthquake on Nepal, and the fuel shortages that plagued the country, not too long after a ten year civil war.


I had also heard of the beauty of the country and the people within it. One such story was a lady in Kathmandu who offered tea and food to a reporter, just days after the earthquake in which she lost everything. I couldn’t not come to Nepal and help these amazing people.


In the community, we are helping to build sustainable development in Nepal through the key mediums of awareness raising and training of local inhabitants. The first allows us to promote issues such as climate change, natural resource management, and the importance of taking care of your community, which is vital in Nepal as it is particularly vulnerable to climate change and natural disaster. We also deliver livelihoods training; to show young people how they themselves can create opportunities within the community. Empowering young people to build businesses in a number of communities across Nepal is a great strategy is creating grassroots national development, while having a direct impact on the livelihoods of each and every individual in the community within which we work.


We have held awareness raising events on World Water Day, International Women’s Day and World Health Day. Two youth groups are being set up, while a development committee has been formed to work alongside us. Training in business skills and agriculture is being delivered to raise awareness on the importance of income diversification – it is fair to say that a LOT of work is being done, and we are so happy with everything that is being achieved.


All development work is important. It is crucial to develop communities from the ground up, so that developing countries do not become incapable of coping in this era of globalisation. Teaching youngsters that they can build their own businesses will help Nepal to keep vital numbers of youth within the country. This will allow Nepal to become less reliant on remittances from abroad – since around 50% of Nepali income is reliant on remittances, making the country very vulnerable.


In addition, arguably Nepal relies too heavily on imports from India. The import tax through India makes every day produce here extremely expensive. If we can empower young people to produce much of the things that are being imported, this will allow Nepal to generate much more of its own income, and be able to become much more independent.


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